Winter Internship Opportunities


New Internship Company Listing: Dr. Firas Dentistry
We have added Dr. Firas’ dental clinic on the internship listing and application form. The clinic uses state-of-the-art technology and offers the most advanced treatments in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. Go ahead and sign up if you’re interested. Deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, November 23rd.

We are excited to launch the 2017/18 Internship Program to interested students in Grades 10, 11 and 12. The High School Internship Program was created by a dedicated group of parents (present and alumni) to enhance our students’ work experience and knowledge about a variety of professions. Internships are unpaid and typically last for one or two weeks. We are now accepting applications for the first wave of interns who will be placed during the winter holiday. Please click here for complete information.  The deadline for students to submit an application is Thursday, November 23.  Further opportunities for internships will take place in the spring and summer.


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Yearbook on Sale!

In order to minimize paper waste from over-ordering yearbooks, the yearbook team would like to establish as many pre-orders as possible so that we can better estimate final ordering quantities.

You can pre-order your yearbook now at the front office during business hours. The yearbook team will also take orders at Picnic in the Park. (Please bring change)

As an incentive to pre-order your yearbook now, the yearbook is currently on sale at 120AED until the 17th of November. The yearbook price will change throughout the year as follows:

120 AED until the 17th of November (Picnic in the Park)
160 AED until the 9th of December (Holiday Extravaganza)
180 AED until the 22nd of February (International Day)
200 AED until the 22nd of March (Spring Break)
220 AED final price, after spring break

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E-Waste Drop Off on Friday and Plastic Recycling Information

From 11:00 AM onwards on this Friday a table will be set up near the security gate to drop off E-Waste. Thank you.

ELECTRONIC E-WASTE: In collaboration with a local school, the ACS Green Team is collecting electronic E-waste for proper disposal. E-waste is anything that plugs into a wall; it includes wires, electronic devices, televisions, and cameras, but it does NOT include batteries. (Batteries can be disposed of at Spinney’s in a battery collection box.) Items can be brought to the FIFA Roadshow or PICNIC IN THE PARK on Friday, November 17th, where we will have a collection table set-up. The pick-up of all of the E-waste is scheduled for November 18th. E-waste is highly toxic, so please help us keep these items out of our landfills.
The municipality is becoming more attentive to the amount of waste produced by all of us. More regulations demand that we end the collection of plastic for recycling. The big blue bins will be removed. You can drop plastic at Spinney’s. We hope you will recycle despite the inconvenience. We will continue the paper recycling that the Green Team overseas.  
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Picnic in the Park

ACS Service Students hope you can join us for a festive evening this coming Friday.


Bring a chair or blanket and sit outside and enjoy your neighbors.

Ask students about their different clubs and causes.

Jump in the Bouncy Castle or participate in Friday Night Lites..

Be part of the sponge throw.

Enjoy vegetarian chili, hamburgers, hotdogs and an assortment of delicious salads.

Buy a raffle ticket and win an overnight at the Rosewood.

Appreciate the range of talented performers on stage.

Be part of the FUN!



Everyone must purchase an entry ticket for 20 AED prior to the event. We will sell tickets at the gate for 30 AED.  This ticket covers drinks and apples which are available. Children 3 and below do not need tickets.



A variety of food choices are available including hamburgers, hot dogs, shwarma, and vegetarian chilli. Menu Link.  We will have some assorted salad choices as well. Hot chocolate will also be on sale. Sweet items are also available.  Food tickets for 5 AED are on sale to cover these items. Food costs range from 5 AED – 30 AED.



There will be music and continuous live entertainment. Over 20 acts feature students in grades 6  to 12 AND ACS Players.



Sponge throw, face painting, donut eating, duck pond, candy jar guess are all part of the Carnival games. Carnival tickets are sold for 5 dhs and are needed to play the different games. These are sold at the event.



Many local businesses have generously given numerous prizes that are part of the raffle. Raffle tickets are 10 AED. We have hotels dinners, several beauty prizes and other activity based prizes. Link to raffle prizes. You do NOT need to be at Picnic to win a raffle prize.



Each entrance ticket supports a broad range of causes:

  • school supplies for a Syrian child

  • a blanket for a refugee

  • Building a school program in Kenya

  • Desks for a school in Haiti

  • medical treatment for children hurt by the violence in Gaza

  • support for building homes in Sri Lanka with Habitat

  • a special wish for a sick child

  • better care for stray animals in Abu Dhabi

  • medical needs for MSF workers in Jordan, helping victims from Syria

  • research for leukemia cures

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Rohingya Relief Fund – Picnic in the Park

The recent conflict in Myanmar has forced over 410,000 Muslim Rohingya to flee their homes to Bangladesh forming a new humanitarian crisis, which children at its heart. Many of the new refugees currently arriving in Bangladesh are staying in makeshift settlements or among local host communities. This is putting severe pressure on already scarce resources, which is resulting in shortages in food, water, and other necessities.”
  ACS is helping. Support the cause by buying from the Bake Sale at Picnic In The Park (November the 17th) or by making a donation.
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Tennis Try-Outs

Tennis Try-Outs

Plan on attending try-outs on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday this week. We will have one more try-out session Sunday, November 19th.

Important:  Bus leaves HS side gate at 3:30 pm sharp! We will return to school by 6 PM. The Abu Dhabi Country Club will host all practice sessions and home tries this year. If you have well-developed tennis skills, try your best, and like to have fun, tennis is your game.

Please fill out the following form, if you plan on attending any of the tryout sessions.

Player Self-Evaluation


Coach B and Coach Magnin

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